Healing happens on many levels but the goal of healing is to bring you back to wholeness.  Bring balance back to your body, mind, and spirit.  It doesn’t necessarily mean you will be pain-free,  that you will never have digestive problems or that your cancer will be cured.  Although for some that may happen.  It means you will understand more about what your pain is telling you.  Or that your digestive problem might be what you eat,  how you eat, or caused by what you were feeling while you eat. Healing is about understanding how your body works and how you can bring balance and change to your body.  


Healing happens every second of every day.  What we eat, feel, hear, say, and how we move all affects our healing.  We are ever-evolving bodies, minds, and souls working towards moving back to wholeness as an individual and as a community.  You are your own powerful healer. 

Introducing the Intuitive Heart Healer Podcast

A podcast made with love to help you

connect your heart and spirit.

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Intuitive Heart Healing

A healing comes from the heart and channels the Love Energy to help heal the body, mind, and soul.

Intuitive Heart and Soul Healing

A collaboration combining healing and astrology to bring you a special healing based on your natal chart and the planetary alignment at the time of reading.

Lovelight Language Healing

A higher vibrational healing a channel language that your soul and cell knows the message.


BEH Design

"Energyart is created by all the energy that surrounds us and is within us.  Rotate the piece the energy changes. Each piece has different meaning and feeling for everyone!"

Valeri McLaughlin

EnergyArt Clothing

Clothing with a positive message and the energy in it to stay aligned with your truth.

About Valeri

Valeri is an Intuitive Heart Healer helping you anchor into the heart so the can move back to wholeness and connect with your higher self. She integrates her gifts of energy healing, coaching, EnergyArt, and guidance from Angels and Ancestors to help bring balance to your body, mind, and soul.  Everything is done from the heart with love.


Valeri is passionate about working with kids develop their spiritual gifts!  She had many intuitive experiences growing up. At a young age she knew and saw things she couldn’t explain. These events caused her to have a lot of fear and doubt that affected her throughout her life and shut out her spiritual gifts. 

However, she went through these experiences so that she could learn and help the kids of today. Valeri helps children understand what they know and feel. She wants to help them release their fears. She wants to teach them how to protect themselves and connect them to their spiritual gifts. 

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