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Heart Healing Email Reading

Seeking guidance on a specific area of your life?Want to receive guidance and clarity from you angels, guides and ancestors?  Ask Valeri for guidance in an areas (2-3) of your life or a specific questions (2-3) and receive detailed written channeled guidance directly from your angels, guides, and ancestors. Turnaround time for receiving your reading is 2-5 business days.  

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please do NOT ask yes or no questions. You will get a lot more out of the reading if you ask questions with the intention of receiving guidance. Questions should always be about you. Follow-up questions are not included. Any very in-depth questions are best for live (in-person or video) sessions with Valeri.
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    By scheduling, paying for any service, and/or communicating with Intuitive Heart Healer Valeri McLaughlin in any fashion, you acknowledge that you have read and attest to fully understanding the following:

    1. The contents and services of this website are not intended to, and should never, take the place of professional advice and services including but not limited to: medical, legal, financial, business and/or psychological.

    2. You agree that you will not hold Intuitive Heart Healer Valeri McLaughlin, accountable for any choices you make as a result of any service provided through www.intuitivehearthealer.com or www.intuitiveheartcoach.com, its associated email account, or any of its social media accounts.

    3. While Valeri McLaughlin believes fully in her healing and intuitive abilities, it must be stated that (a) sessions are intended as a guide, and for entertainment purposes only. By scheduling and/ or paying for a reading you also attest to being 18+. (b) Energy healing sessions are intended for relaxation, healing of mind body soul and stress reduction and are not to take the place of medical procedures or the advice of a licensed medical professional. While energy healing can be provided to anyone, those under 18 must have signed permission of a legal parent/ guardian before commencing a session.

    For any further questions, please email intuitivehearthealer@gmail.com

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