Grateful for these kind words.

"Thank You for the reading.  As usual spot on.  I was worried it wouldn't feel personal but it definitely did.  Also, it is amazing to have it in writing because I keep going back to it and reading it again.  When you have an in person reading there's always stuff you forget." Georgina   May 30, 2019

"Valeri Mclaughlin is a Intuitive Heart Healer, Reiki Master, Energy Artist, Mind Body Eating Coach and a wonderful person who uses all her knowledge to help all, children, young adults, adults, seniors, Military and their families to guide them with healing. We all need to heal and love ourselves. Valeri has a wonderful ability to calm and relax you so you feel healthy...always helping and guiding you to heal yourself. Teaching all the time. We all need to heal ourselves but Valeri helps guide you on your journey. If you listen to her card readings she does online or in person and the card she is reading is for someone else, if you listen carefully you personally gain valuable insight. When she reads a card for you personally she is very good at hitting the nail on the head. I have learned so much about myself with her warm hearted guidance. She has a great ability to calm you down and give you a sense of peace. She will guide you on your personal journey step by step. She shares love unconditionally. 

Thank you Valeri for all your love and guidance."  Beth Walsh   May 31, 2019

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