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Distance Lovelight Language Healing
Mon, Apr 06
Location is TBD
Apr 06, 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM
Location is TBD
Channeled messages of healing and guidances from light beings and Shamans.

Tapping Into Your Spiritual Gifts

Our proven 5 step process reconnects you and your spiritual gifts with confidence & guidance!

As a child did you ever know something you couldn't explain?

Did you see or hear something that other people didn't? 


Through our 5 Proven Steps, you will learn the different ways your spiritual gifts come through, how to connect with them so you can tune into their guidance and how to be in a state of trust.  This will allow you to be more guided, at peace, and to live from your heart. 


Tapping into Your Spiritual Gifts is a 5-week course that offers 5 proven steps to help you tap into your spiritual gifts so you are guided through life with love.



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